Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tips and tricks for the player

In order to get as much out of your playing experience as possible, here are a few tips and tricks that I found helped me very well.

>Don't buy armor and weapons unless you have to: When a player completes a mission or defeats a fusion monster, they get C.R.A.T.E.s, which have stuff like armor and weapons in them. Buying armor and weapons take up the bulk of your Taros, and when you go to buy stuff like that, there's not much choice.

>Sell duplicates and unwanted items: If you open a C.R.A.T.E. and get the same exact weapon that you currently have equipped, SELL IT! There's no use in keeping five of the same weapon if you're already using it. The same also goes for any armor pieces.
As for unwanted items, like a piece of armor or a weapon a few levels lower than you, my advice would be to keep at least 1/4 of any unwanted items. It may sound stupid, but here's the reason: if someone asks you to trade with them, you can give them any items you don't mind parting with, rather than refusing to trade with them or giving them something that you wanted to keep. Plus, it's an easy way to make some money.

>Consider buying Nano potions(A LOT of Nano potions): if you want to keep your nano active, and you don't want it to deactivate itself in a middle of a fight, then consider nano potions. When your nano's stamina is low, you can give it some potion so that their stamina goes back up. You should also buy as much of it as possible every time, so you don't have to keep buying it every few minutes.

>Make sure you always have enough money for public transportation: This one pretty much explains itself. If you need to use the Monkey Skyway Agents or the S.C.A.M.P.E.R., you should have enough Taros to be able to pay. Usually, one should have at least a few hundred Taros on hand at all times.

>Don't be afraid to refer to the map: The map is there for a reason. It helps you pinpoint where you are, and where you need to go.

Hpoe these tips and tricks help you out and give you the best possible game.

Transport vehicles & hubs

Okay, so in a previous post, I wrote briefly about vehicles. If you cannot get a vehicle, then what I consider the "public transportation" of FusionFall, any transport vehicles or hubs are your best bet for getting around. Here are some of the different Transport vehicles and hubs that are availible.

Monkey Skyway Agents: The Monkey Skyway Agents are good for getting around a certain area, like the surburbs and downtown. Players pay the agents a fee to be brought to another location by air. These are the most common form of transportation, and players pay a reasonable price to use them.

The Slider: The cheapest out of all the transport hubs and vehicles, the slider is a bus/rail system that has two major stations at Marquee Row in downtown and Peach Creek Estates in the suburbs, as well as many stops in between. In order to access the stops, look for the "Bus" sign with the arrow pointing in the direction you want to go. Get on whatever will bring you up to the bus stop, such as Jump Pads. There's another Jump Pad on the bus stop for you to hop on the slider. The Slider will slow down to a stop, but will soon be moving again, so be prepared.

KND S.C.A.M.P.E.R.: The KND S.C.A.M.P.E.R.(Shabby Camper Actually Makes Perfect Emergency Rescumabob) is a long-range transport system that is similar to the Monkey Skyway Agents. Players pay a fee to be transported to another area. The S.C.A.M.P.E.R. is faster than the Monkey Skyway Agents and the Slider, but more expensive, because the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. is long range, and can therefore transport you to different areas.

The Monkey Skyway Agents and the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. require that in order to be able to be transported to a certain area, that you must go to that area, find the appropriate transport, and register that area. Basically, if you don't register, then the only way to get to that area is to go by foot, and if the area is far away and you need to go there several times, it'll take a long time.

There are others forms of public transport , but those are less common than the three listed above.

Monday, June 7, 2010


A good way to get some Fusion matter, Taros(aka spending money), C.R.A.T.E.S., armor, and weapons are to do missions. The missions in FusionFall help you to complete the game and become a better player. All missions are based on the palyer's level.

There are three types of missions a player can do:

Nano Missions are when a player is ready to level up by creating a new nano. Usually, when a player gets enough Fusion matter, they get information about a new Fusion via their in-game email. All nano missions involve going the the Fusion's lair and defeating said fusion. When the mission is completed, the player recieves a new nano. Only one nano mission can be active at a time.

Guide Missions involve completing a mission for a guide the player chooses before being transported to the past. The four guides are Dexter, Edd, Mojo Jojo, and Ben Tennyson. When a player completes a guide mission, they recieve a item, based on their guide. Each guide has a different goal, which your guide missions will generally help them accomplish, and it can affect the plot of your game. Like the nano missions, only one guide mission can be active at a time.

World Missions are given by NPCs, and a player can have up to four active world missions at a time.

Missions can either be easy, medium, or hard. Missions involve doing stuff such as:
>Touching a certain point of the map.
>Talking to another NPC.
>Defeating a number of certain enemies.
>Collecting and Delivering an invisible item.
Missions can be either timed or untimed. No matter what, missions can help you play the game , and are none the less important.

Location, location, location

One of the most important things about playing FusionFall is to know where you are at all times. There are many locations featured in FusionFall that come from Cartoon Network shows.

All locations in the past are categorized into four different areas. Here are the areas and some locations within the areas.(Locations in bold are the different areas:

The Surburbs:
Sector V
Pokey Oaks North/South
Genius Grove
Peach Creek Commons
Goat's Junk Yard

Bravo Beach
Orchid Bay
Tech Square
Townsville Park
City Hall

The Wilds:
Acorn Flats
Monkey Mountain
The Ruins
Leakey Lake

The Darklands:
Dinosaur Pass
Hero's Hollow
Fuse's Lair
Green Maw

There are only a few areas that are featured in the future. These include:
Sector V
Pokey Oaks North/South
Genius Grove
Peach Creek Commons/Estates
Candy Cove
Goats's junk Yard

All future locations mentoned aove are far different than their past counterparts, in that the futures areas are more infected with fusion matter.

To see where you are in the game, press enter, then click on the map, or press M on your keyboard.

Fusion monsters

As mentioned in the "Nanos and Fusion" post, you need fusion matter to make nanos. In order to get a good chunk of Fusion matter, you need to defeat some fusion monsters. Fusion monsters in the game are evil minions of Fuse.

Fusion monsters appear everywhere in the game, even in infected zones. There are many tips and tricks one can take to make sure you don't die when fighting a fusion monster. These include:
>Having the highest level weapon(s) possible: If you're fighting a level 10 fusion monster with a level 1 weapon, there's a chance that you're going to end up either with very little health left, or dead. Fighting a level 10 fusion monster with a level 9 or 10 weapon will make sure that you don't end up dead.
>Updating armor as much as possible: It's pretty much the same thing as above. Armor helps to protect as much of your health as possible, and wearing level 1 armor while fighting a level 10 monster won't fare well in the end.
>Paying attention to the monster's type: What do I mean here? All monsters are categorized into three types: Adaptium, Blastons, and Cosmix(A,B, and C). A player's nanos are also categorized into the three types. When fighting a fusion monster, using a nano in a different category than the monster will help you defeat the monster faster. Here are the three ways that you can use your nanos to help you defeat a monster:
Adaptium beats Blastons (A beats B)
Blastons beats Cosmix (B beats C)
Cosmix Beats Adaptium (C beats A)
>Paying attention to the level of the monster: If you're only a level 3, there's no reason why you should be fighting a level 13 monster. When fighting monsters, your best bet is sticking to monsters that are the same level as you or monsters that are below your level. If you do have to fight monsters that are higher levels than you, the fight monsters that are only a level above you.
>Choose your weapon(s) carefully: When choosing what weapon(s) you will equip yourself with, you should have a criteria for what you want with a weapon. At what range do you want your weapon to work at(long range, short range, etc.)? What level is the weapon at? How is the weapon aimed? Another tip to consider is. . .
>Equipping two weapons: All players can equip up to two weapons on them at any time. When equipping two weapons, equip a weapon that's good for defeating one fusion monster, and another weapon good for defeating a group of fusion monster. The reason for doing this is simple: If you have two weapons that are good for defeating a single fusion monster, and you end up fighting a group of fusion monsters, there's a more likely chance that you'll die a quick death.
>When you make the first attack, move back: When a fusion monster is attacked by a player, the fusion monster tends to go towards the player that is attacking, and players that move lose less health. If you cannot move back, then move around.
>If your health is low, don't attack: This is a pretty smart thing to do. If most of your health was taken up fighting a fusion monster, don't go and attack another monster, or you'll die. Instead, wait a minute or two for your health to replenish, then continue on with attacking. The only exception to this tip is when a fusion monster attacks you, or if you have a nano that replenishes health.
>Keeping watch of your nano's stamina: One of the worst things that could happen while fighting a fusion monster is having your nano deactivate itself while you're fighting a fusion monster. If your nano's stamina is low, either deactivate it so it can replenish, or give it a nano potion that will replenish its stamina without having to deactivate the nano.

Those are some tips and tricks that can help you fight Fusion Monsters. Happy fighting!

Friday, May 28, 2010

What Cartoon Network characters are seen in FusionFall?

As mentioned in previous posts, characters from various Cartoon Network cartoons are represented in the game. The cartoons that are represented are cartoons that were created by Cartoon Network. Cartoons produced by Hanna-Barbera(i.e. Scooby-Doo, Tom and Jerry, etc.) are under half ownership with cartoon network, meaning that the FusionFall team can only make minor references to the shows, as well as give minor cameos to the shows.
The characters were redesigned in an anime format for the game by Foo Midori, and differ greatly from their original design, as shown below with Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory.

The picture above is of Dexter, as drawn out by animators from the show. Below it is concept art from the game for Dexter. If you notice, Dexter looks older than when he was first drawn out for his show. It can also be seen that Dexter's glasses are replaced with sleek-looking goggles for the game.

Here are the other shows represented in the game with characters from their shows.

The Powerpuff Girls:
There are a bunch of characters from the Powerpuff Girls that are represented in the game. The three main characters, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, are represented in the game, as well as the Mayor and Professor Utonium. Villains from the show represented in the game include Mojo Jojo, Princess, Him, Fuzzy Lumpkins, and Ace from the GangGreen Gang.
***When developers were creating the game, they based the Powerpuff girls' design off of a Japanese show called Powerpuff Girls Z, in which the girls are much older than in the original show.***

Codename:Kids Next Door:
All five members of Sector V(Numbuhs 1,2,3,4, and 5) are featured in the game. Villains from the show included in the game include Father, Stickybeard, and the Toiletnator.

Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends:
Characters featured in the game include Mac, his imaginary friend Bloo, Bloo's friends Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco, as well as caretaker Frankie, house administrator Mr. Herriman, and Cheese, another imaginary friend featured in the show.

Generator Rex:
As of right now, There are only three characters featured in the game: main character Rex, talking monkey Bobo Haha, and Agent Six, who is Rex's handler. It is possible that more characters from the show may be added to the game at a later point.

Those are just some of the shows represented in he game with characters. I must point out that these characters are NOT PLAYABLE CHARACTERS!! The only playable characters in the game are any avatars that players created.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Avatar Items

Each character has items that they carry on them. Whether it's a long range weapon or a pair of pink goggles, certain items can help you get around, protect you, and even enhance your outfit. Here is a rundown of items, and what each can help with.

Some people call it clothing, others call it armor. Whatever you call it, it can help to protect you from losing your health too quickly. There are three parts of all armor: the body, the legs, and the feet. only one can be used at a time, but their combined defense values are added to the player's stats.

Examples of player armor: Top, bottom, and shoes.

Weapons in FusionFall are important. Without them, players would keep dying when trying to get through an area filled with fusion monsters. There are six types of weapons, each having their advantage and disadvantages. These weapons are:

: Close combat weapons such as swords and hammers. Melee weapons are good for enemies that travel in packs, but not so good for attacking a single fusion monster.

The Lightning Sword(above) is an example of the many melee weapons available in the game.
Thrown: Weapons such as bombs and boomerangs. Thrown weapons are good for larger group attacks, but should not be used for attacking a single fusion monster. Thrown weapons also have to be aimed manually, where four of the other five weapon types are automatically aimed at the monster.

The Caliente bomb(shown above) is one of the first thrown weapons a player can obtain in the game.
Pistols: Pistols range from short-range to medium-range. These are good for single attacks, but terrible for group attacks.

Pistols such as the Custard Buster(above) shoot either short or medium range.
Rockets: Rockets are the other weapon type that must be aimed manually. They are like the thrown weapons, good for group attacks, but terrible for single attacks.

Rockets such as the Bullhorn Boomstick(above) is the other weapon type that must be aimed manually.
Shatterguns: Shatterguns are medium-range guns that are like the melee weapons: good for single attacks, but terrible for group attacks.

The Titan Machine(above) is an example of a shattergun weapon.
Rifles: As long-range guns, the rifles are like pistols: good for single attacks, but terrible for group attacks.

Rifles such as the Lightening Gun(above) shoot long range.

Accessories don't do much for attacking or defense. All that accessories do is enhance the armor that the avatar is wearing. There are three types of accessories: face accessories, head accessories, and back accessories.

An example of each accessory shown above: Hat, face, and back.

Vehicles are great for getting around. The player travels at the same speed as they would with a run boost activated. Nanos cannot be activated while the vehicle is in use, nor can players attack fusion monsters. The vehicles do not work in the infected zones, but thy do hover above the ground, so that a player doesn't get infected with toxic fusion matter. They can be rented for a total of 15 days, and after the 15 days, can be rented again.

The Racer D Hovercar(above) and the KND Hoverboard(below) are examples of vehicles hat the player can use in FusionFall.

All items, with the exception of vehicles, can either be bought, or gained as a reward in missions. Items that are gained by doing missions are rewarded in the form of a C.R.A.T.E., which can be traded with other plyers, and sold, without being open.